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How to rock Social Media 101

Sure, go ahead and test what’s testable. But the real victories come when you have the guts to launch the untestable. 

You can do all of the planning you want in social media, but the problem is that you are dealing with people here and hopefully trying to socialize with them. And the social landscape changes with every tweet/post. Without some experimenting and doing things untestable you might not achieve a real victory.

The magic of the tribe is that you can build it incrementally, that day by day you can earn the asset that will allow you to bring your work to people who want it. Or you can skip that and wait to get picked. Picked to be on Oprah or American Idol or at the cash register at Borders.

Getting picked is great. Building a tribe is reliable, it’s hard work and it’s worth doing. Anyone who has read the classic Seth Godin book Tribes understands the potential for social media to help provide the infrastructure to create a tribe, and that ideally, community managers are building “tribes” of fans. While Seth’s quote was aimed at authors who wanted to get rich quickly, his point is similar to what I wrote about in Why Social Media for Business is Like a Marathon. Building a tribe in social media will take time, but it can help you create a true platform of fans that will reward you over the weeks, months, and even years. #TribesMatter

Embrace social media and become a leader, not a follower. Every brand, every organization, and every individual is either running away from something or running toward something (or working hard to stand still).

Are you chasing or being chased? Are you leading or following? Are you fleeing or climbing? – Running Away vs. Running TowardMost of the competition is either fleeing from social media or doing the bare minimum to try to show that they are “relevant.” Guess what? It’s not working!

Engage with Your Customers, and You Shall Increase Your Engagement. The customers you fire and those you pay attention to all send signals to the rest of the group. – Train Your Customers In social media, you truly get what you deserve. Treat your customers right and they will spread thanks and praises about you through their tweets and comments.

Don’t forget about the “Social” in Social Media. The experience I have with you as a customer or a friend is far more important than a few random bits flying by on the screen. The incredible surplus of digital data means that human actions, generosity, and sacrifice are more important than they ever were before. – The Blizzard of Noise (and the Good News)

We are spending more and more time on the Internet and on social media, so our world is becoming increasingly digital. But guess what? You can only win true fans for your business by being truly social and human. The fact that the world is more and more digital means that the generosity and caring of your company will be seen all the more clearly by your fans.

Let Others Broadcast Your Message for You. The goal shouldn’t be to have a lot of people to yell at, the goal probably should be to have a lot of people who choose to listen. Don’t need a bullhorn for that – Bullhorns are Overrated. If you are resourceful in your content and truly engaging with your fans, you don’t need more Twitter followers – you need more listeners. Let others SHARE your message for you.

You Have to Be Bigger Than Your Brand in Social Media. Great brands represent something bigger than themselves. You can create this accidentally if you’re lucky, but you can create it on purpose if you try.

If you only talk about yourself on social media no one is listening. Social media was made for people, not brands. More importantly, if you’re trying to reach out to others and build a tribe for your brand in social media, you need to be bigger than your own company. You need to represent your industry, a lifestyle, a solution to a problem. Become a resource to others on social media, and your brand will be rewarded handsomely. Another reason why everyone’s content is king in social media.

Use the Social Media tools at your disposal and stop looking for new ones. All of the tools that you need, primarily WordPress, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube are there for you to use at your disposal. Are you using them to the maximum? More importantly, are you engaging with your fans as if they were human beings instead of just numbers? Ladies and gentlemen, we are blessed with a platform (= social media) that allows businesses and professionals to connect their brands and themselves in a way and on a scale that just wasn’t possible for the 99.99% of the past… since the dawn of time really. These tools are there for your disposal. Don’t waste them: Do something great with them!

Instagram 101

Instagram 101

Law of Averages

10 Rules for Success

What is Attraction Marketing?

Creating Amazing Graphics!

Peak State

Building Your Biz Online!

Overcoming Objections

A: I completely get it. Some of our top earners had to borrow the money and even had garage sales to be able to join. Where there is a will, there is a way. 😉

A: You know, that’s the beauty of my team. My leader found a way to connect with thousands around the globe through social media without leaving her home. Instagram has 500 million users and FB has 2 billion million users a month. The entire world is on social media, you will learn to connect with unlimited potentials through our training on our team page.

A: I totally understand. I was terrified when I joined but here’s the thing…you make a small investment and you can make that money right back. What is the worst thing that can happen? Nothing. You don’t do anything with the business. But what if you can learn how to turn $200 into 6 figures? Wouldn’t it be worth finding out?

A: I love working with busy people because you know how to multitask as it is. 🙂 If you are outwearing some awesome gear! You are already on social media. Why not get paid. That is what I teach you to do in 3-minute intervals.

A: Awesome! I am not looking for a salesperson. I actually run from those. LOL I am looking for someone who will share an awesome product and company with others. Like when you go to a restaurant and you rave about it on social media… you don’t get paid for that. 🙂

A: You would be a business owner. Social media is the wave of the future. I get you don’t want to SPAM your friends and honestly you don’t have to be spammy to succeed. Our training teaches you the right way to work your business from your personal FB but think about this for a moment…do any of your friends pay your bills?

A: A pyramid scheme is when money passes from Hand to hand without product. We have 5 different product lines so clearly not the case. 😉 We were featured in fortune 500 and have numerous business awards. We are 22 in the world in direct sales and #13 fastest growing company in the US. When you are ready to stop living paycheck to paycheck let me know, I can help you.


Top Apps

Picsart – Create promos, filters, lights, wording and import pics into backgrounds.

Rhonna Design – Glitter fonts, create promos with stickers and such import pics and jazz them up.

Wordswag – Choose transparent background and create text only (PNG) or add quotes to your pics. Pics also provided there. Gold, Rose Gold and silver letters too.

Be Funky, VSCO and PicTapGo – My Fav photo filter apps.

​VivaVideo – Create and edit movies dd music and effects.

Werble & Lumyer – My go to apps to turn pics into moving masterpieces. Glitter, fire, lights etc.

Prizma – Turn your pics into panting or Japanese animation.

Write Behind – Write behind pictures.

Split Pic – Pics side by side blur the middle for seamless design.

Photo Collage – 
Custom Collages at the click of a button.

Fused – Fuse TWO pics together to become one.

DipTic – Create 7 sec movies out of pictures!

Photo Mirror – My most used photo collage app.

Quotes – Ready made quotes by category.

InstaGrid – Take ONE pic and supersize it for your IG. It Creates tiles!

Eraser – erase backgrounds from your pics.

Ripl – Animated slideshows with music.

Canva – Amazing promos and Facebook Banners!

MoShow – Movie from pictures made simple.

Over App – Promos with Videos.


Overcoming Fear

Your Potential

Think And use your mind


Create a Brand

Your brand is super important if you are going to succeed on building a business through your personal page on social media!

​Questions to answer to establish your brand and find your niche.

1- Who am I?
2- What do I stand for?
3- What is my mission statement?
4- What are my interests, dreams, hopes etc?
5- What is my brand as an individual?
Creating a brand is super important if you want to succeed on social media.
Here is the video I have used in my personal life to help me brand myself. You can not brand yourself until you understand WHO YOU ARE!

I also bought #Tribes by Seth Godin and I highly recommend this book for those looking to establish your brand!

Two branding tests:

Personal Branding 101

Step 1: Define your overall aspirations. Be specific and clearly define your goals and objectives. Is it to become known as the best project manager in a certain industry? Obtain the job of Creative Director at a large advertising agency? Become VP of Marketing?

Step 2: Conduct research. How are those who have made it to where you want to be conducting their personal branding efforts? What can you learn from what others are doing, be their efforts good or bad? Who are your biggest competitors and what are they doing to brand themselves?

​Step 3: Determine your brand attributes. What do you want your personal brand to convey? What adjectives do you want people to associate with you (as the product) and why? In what niche of the market do you want to become known? ~ See questions above!

​Step 4: Assess your current state. How do people currently perceive you? How large is the gap between the current you and the person you want others to perceive you to be? What needs to change and why?

Step 5: Create your game plan. Your game plan should include more than just branding yourself in social media – it needs to include all aspects of you, as a product. Defining your plan needs to include the tangible and intangible characteristics of personal branding including attire, hair, makeup, behavior, verbal and non-verbal communication.

​Step 6: Manage your brand. Proactively manage all aspects of your brand, ensuring these aspects are in sync and that they continue to reinforce your brand attributes and market niche.

For example, your LinkedIn picture should look similar to the in-person you, your Tweets and any social media posts should stay within your market niche and your in-person behavior should be representative of how you want others to perceive you. And if you’ve branded yourself in social media as a creative fashion diva, then make sure that extends to how you come across in person (attire, hair, makeup, etc.).

​Don’t create a mismatched brand by conveying different or competing attributes in various social media outlets, such as tweeting negative opinions about gowns worn at the Oscars and posting comments on LinkedIn about your vacation when you’re trying to brand yourself as a savvy cross-functional project team leader. Doing so will create audience confusion about who you are and what you do.

~ Thanks to Lisa Q. for these tips! 

Live Tips

💢USE NOTES – Bullet Points
// The fastest way to lose your audience is to get off-topic, ramble, or lose focus. 

// Have bullet points of what you plan on covering so people don’t tune out. 🔘#BulletPoints

//Facebook wants to see genuine interaction.

//Ask questions Exp: Drop me a 1 if…

// Ask for shares- Exp: If you got value from this video please share.

// Most of your viewers will always be the people watching the replay, so I would strongly encourage you to get right into the action, content, and Information. 

// Share the title of the video while you wait a few seconds and ask them to comment where they are running in from for interaction.

// People don’t tune into videos that didn’t have a title or have a title that is blah! 😑

// Captivate and attract. Create curiosity so that your viewer has no choice but to tune in! Your title is your HOOK! 😉

// Natural Lighting is best to find yourself a window and put your face in it! OR get a lamp/clip-on phone light. 

// Have a simple background. You want people looking at you, not your surroundings.

// It is very hard to focus when the camera is shaking around and moving. One minute I see your face, then the floor, then a close up of your nose…… if you don’t have a tripod, use books, or a table, or a candle.

// Your energy must match your live. Before you push the button to go live – dance, jump around, power pose, listen to your favorite song- whatever it takes to get you in the zone.

// It is evident that live video is a powerful tool for growth – don’t let fear hold you back from the success that belongs to you! 

it is just Facebook live – there are no real dangers. If you’re afraid of being bad at it, know that you are in good company! We are all terrible when we start – it’s all part of the growing process!  💕

I use this site to stream pre-recorded videos LIVE. 🔥💯🙌🏼

Facebook Live Ideas

Host a Q&A

The first and easiest way to get started with Facebook Live is to host a Q&A.

Teach viewers how to do something

The first rule in creating content for your audience is to provide value in everything you do.

Stream an exclusive interview

Even if you don’t think you have the stuff for a live video, you can easily shine the spotlight on someone else. Use to stream it live. 

Do a product use tutorial. 

Do a live showing your products and how to use them. Concentrate on HOW TO not SELLING.

Give a live tour

Your Facebook Live video doesn’t need to focus on a person or product to make it interesting.

Announce breaking news

When an event happens that falls within your interests/brand, you should do a live on it. This is called BRAND RELEVANCE. 

Film an unedited version of your videos

Film the behind the scenes of your day and stream it live through OneStream.Live

Stream events within your brand.

Use OneStream.Live to stream events that are relevant to your brand. 

Answer follower’s questions.

Ask your friends/followers what are some questions they would like to know about your life, marriage, motherhood, etc and answer the questions on a LIVE. 

Record an experiment in real time

If you want to create a viral hit that’s a guaranteed success, look no further than an experiment in real time.

When you host an experiment with an unknown conclusion, you create a sense of anticipation.

Host a special guest

Collaborate with people in your industry who have a bigger following than you do. 

Deliver your own strategies and motivation

If you’re looking to build a personal brand, you need look no further than explaining your  philosophy on camera.

To make sure this is a success, look to create a video about something unique in your life. What do you do differently? What can you offer that others are interested in? Motivation/ Inspiration / Hacks.

Chat with me – Something you’re struggling with. 

Books that inspire you.

Why mindset is important in life.

Parenting top challenges/ Tips.

Inspirational People and what you learned from them. 

Long term goals and what you’re doing to get there. 

Tips for business such as – time management, doing follow ups, building confidence, self development. 

Interview a friend.

Give a house tour.

Cook with me. Share recipe. 

Make up routine. 

Skincare routine. 

Hair tutorial for busy moms etc.

Share some life hacks. 

Use Snapchat filter to record a funny story of something that happened in your life.

Biggest struggle in business you ever encountered and how you overcame. 

Behind the Scenes – give tour of your work space.

Social Media Tips. 

Network Marketing Tips.

Look book – share top outfits for the summer. 

Share 5 things most people don’t know about you. 

Do a DIY.

Favorite places you’ve traveled to and why.

Interview your mentor. 

Do a couples Q&A with your spouse. 

If you’re single talk about what you are looking for in a partner. 

Business do’s and don’ts.

Lessons that you learned as a child that helped you later on in life.

If money wasn’t an issue what would you be doing?

Why are you in the business you’re in and what have you learned so far?