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There Is No Better Time Than RIGHT NOW To Start Selling Your Own Products To The Masses!

Selling and creating your own products to sell can be daunting. That is why PLR and MRR products have become increasingly popular in the past few years! It’s basically a business in a box! When you couple it with a strong marketing plan, the earning potential is mind-blowing! People everyday are crushing their goals utilizing platforms like Etsy, TikTok and other socials to sell their products to eager buyers!

Already have a business? Great! Do you have add-ons at checkout that don’t cost you anything extra? Leveraging digital downloads with physical products or services easily increases your revenue without increasing your expenses!

If you’re in the Network Marketing business, I HIGHLY suggest utilizing digital downloads to build your email list as well as offer a product to your potential buyers that warms them up to purchasing with you. For example:

  • Create a lead magnet for your ideal client that gives them 3-5 easy-to-execute tips for helping them with one of their pain points.
  • Next, sell them an e-book that takes them one step closer to having even better results or quicker results on their pain point. Showcase your products inside the book and how they help.
  • Then share with them a Masterclass that easily takes them through the process of achieving that goal. This could be showing them how to easily meal prep in just a few hours, then a workout that gets results in just 20 minutes a day, then how adding the right supplements with these two can accelerate results.

You can follow this thought process for any business. Remember, the ease of purchase is greatly increased as soon as someone gives you their email. So create a great lead magnet and you’ve greatly increased your chances of making the sale!

What Exactly are Resale Rights, Master Resell Rights & Private Label Rights Products?

Basic Resell Rights and Resale Rights:

When you acquire a product with basic resale rights, you gain the ability to market the product as your own for 100% profits. However, it’s important to note that your customers are not granted any rights to resell the product.

Master Resell Rights and Master Resale Rights:

Both terms essentially provide the same set of rights. When you possess these rights, you can transfer the rights to resell the product to others for 100% profits. Furthermore, your customers can pass on the resell rights for 100% profits. These rights offer various options, including selling for personal use, selling basic resale rights, or selling the Master Resell Rights.

Private Label Rights and PLR:

Often referred to as the rights of “substance,” private label rights (PLR) grant you not only the ability to purchase the product but also the freedom to modify the product in any way you deem appropriate. In fact, you can make alterations to the product, such as changing the title or the first and second paragraphs of an e-book, and then attribute yourself as the author for 100% profits.

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